Registration for Religious Education classes will begin in June for the school year 2014/2015. If you do not received an application in the mail, they are available in the Parish office or online. A $10 late fee per child applies after August 1. Thank you.

Catechists Needed…
We are in need of Catechists for our Religious Education program. If you or someone you know would like to volunteer one hour per week to this rewarding experience, please call the Parish office – 516-671-7223 . Remember…we need your help to educate our children in our Catholic faith. Thank you.


Because we recognize that parents are the primary educators of their children in the Catholic faith, the purpose of our Religious Education Program is to support and assist them in their role.
We offer formal classroom instruction providing a safe, supportive and nurturing environment where young people and their families can grow in their spiritual, emotional and personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

What is a Catechesis?

Catechesis (from the Greek word meaning “to echo the teaching”) is the Church’s ministry of teaching and forming people in faith. True catechesis is the process of nurturing the Catholic faith and creating an environment in which faith can flourish. Each of us nurture the Catholic faith simply by being a living example of faith.

Vocation of a Catechist

We come to be catechists by invitation. For some, the invitation to participate seems the natural next step on our personal faith journey. For others, the call to be a catechist seems an awesome compliment and a tremendous responsibility. In fact, the call to catechesis is all of these. Our vocation as catechists opens us to grow in our own faith. Knowing that God is with us always, we freely accept the responsibility of mentoring others to find a deeper, more personal relationship with God.


Grades Day Hours (PM)
1st – 6th Tuesday 4:15 – 5:15
1st – 8th Tuesday 7:15 – 8:15

Fee (including books) – $85 for the first child; $135 for two children; $180 for three or more children
For more information and registration, please call the Parish Office at 676-2482